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Answered Question
Max B
How is the subject of insanity organized? We keep learning all different things like M'Naughten and Irresistible Impulse, but I don't get how they fit together.
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Answered by: Lawyer Up
"Insanity" means different things in different states, and has meant different things over time. A handful of definitions of insanity have been popular, so we've named them as a shorthand way of describing what they mean.

For example, some states follow M'Naughten as their insanity rule. States that have this rule say that you are considered legally insane if you don't understand the quality and nature or the wrongfulness of your actions. Then, you'll undoubtedly read cases or articles to describe what that rule actually means. By contrast, other states might have "the irresistible impulse test", which means that those states say that you are legally insane when you have a mental problem which makes you unable to conform your conduct to the law.
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TAGS:  criminal law, insanity, definition
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