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Answered Question
Max B
I need help with battle of the forms. Can you give me an overview?
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Answered by: Lawyer Up
Battle of the Forms is a long and complex topic... but here's the general idea.

Sometimes, businesses work with one another, and in doing so, they decide to use pre-printed forms to place and fill orders for things. Picture Shoprite buying bananas from Chiquita Banana. Shoprite will have pre-printed order forms, and Chiquita will have pre-printed order forms. The two forms will not match up. However, these two businesses WANT to be contracting with teach other. But under strict contract offer/acceptance theory, they might fail to have a contract because the offer and the acceptance didn't match up.

2-207 fixes this situation. The basic gist is that when we're in this "forms don't match" situation, we say that the parties have a contract, and that the terms of that contract are all the stuff that does match (quantity of bananas, location of delivery, etc). The stuff that does NOT match becomes a "proposal", which means that it's sort of "up for debate" between the two parties.
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TAGS:  contracts, battle of the forms
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