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Answered Question
Max B
I was curious what Law Schools offered L1's the ability to start in the Spring or Winter? I have yet to take the LSAT and was looking to take it in October but don't want to wait 1.5 years to start school.
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Answered by:
Hi! Thanks so much for your question! Law Schools generally all begin in the Fall semester of any particular year, so looking for a Spring-start program isn't really a way to speed up the admissions calendar. Right now, you're right in line for taking the October LSAT if you are in a position to prepare actively all summer. Scores will come out in late October, applications are due by January, and then your acceptances will start rolling in around April, for Fall '11 start date. If October is not a feasible test-date for you, you can still take the December LSAT, but that tends to cut things a bit close, and schools that have a "rolling" admissions schedule may have filled their classes already. Unfortunately, there's no real way to shorten the admissions cycle for law school. If you're committed to attending law school, and fired-up to start right away, here's what I suggest: 1) Prepare like crazy for the LSAT. Higher LSAT scores mean scholarships, so it's worth killing yourself to get a great score; 2) Consider doing some academic preparation for law school. This summer, we are offering a program called "The Scoop:Law School". It's a great way to learn what to expect (check it out Also, 3) Consider getting some kind of internship that will help you learn the lay of the legal landscape. For help with any of these things, to talk more, or to learn about good options for LSAT prep, give us a call any time! We'll point you in the right direction! Call us at 856.354.0072.
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