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Answered Question
Max B
My professor spent forever talking about the dissent in Helicpoteros. Am I supposed to know it for an exam? What should I be getting out of it?
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Answered by: Lawyer Up
In general, it's a good idea to pay some attention to dissents in Civ Pro, just to see what you'd need to do to argue "both sides". In Helicopteros, in particular, the dissent shows a line of thought that could be applied to a whole lot of specific jurisdiction cases. In this dissent, Brennan argues that specific jurisdiction would be appropriate is the court understood the location of the cause of action to be the place where the pilots were trained. This is unusual, because the place of the cause of action would usually be considered the place where the plane crashed. You couldn't use that alternative logic as if it were precedent, but you could certainly use it to showcase an alternative argument.
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